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The time is now to be your best self

Last updated on September 2nd, 2017 at 07:07 pm

The Screeching Tires of Change

Let’s face it. Most of us are getting tired of the same dance and song.

I feel a shift happening in our world. The idea of allowing advertisers to tell us how inadequate we are is a trail of dust in the rearview mirror. We speed ahead.

There are movements happening. Protecting the rights of the wronged and demanding equality. Life is being breathed back into the collapsed lung of our dying society.

Voices are being found left and right. People speaking up after an election gone bad. Eyes are seeing and ears are hearing. Even so, chaos prevails as once clear morals and standards become blurry landscapes in the background.

I’m glad people are speaking up. Trying to exercise their beautiful, rightfully given voice.

But it’s not enough. Lost are our people. Voices are becoming diluted in the deep chasm of “everything goes”.

Women are still going home defeated. Feeling insecure, fearful, and sad. Men feel trapped by obligation and the fiery darts of a society who devalues their masculinity. We have work to do.

Put These Things on Repeat

We need you now more than ever to strengthen yourself and in turn each other. Get rid of the insecurity which stops you from writing the book or from loving with your whole heart. Here is what you must remember and put on repeat in your mind:

You are beautiful just as you are

No amount of extra fat or untoned muscle will change the value you have as a daughter (or son) of God. Your body keeps you alive and works tirelessly to allow you the experience of a beautiful life. To downgrade your beauty breaks down the very soul and essence of who you are.

You are a writer

Our bodies follow our lead. If you don’t believe you’re a writer/ singer/ artist/ painter then you aren’t. Stop hiding in fear. Redirecting your true calling in life because of insecurity. Distracting yourself with endless lists and business plans before actually doing anything.

If you say and believe you ARE then the manifestation will follow. Get my affirmation freebie here to start manifesting your desires.

You are accountable

Eleanor Roosevelt said it best, “No one can make you feel inferior but yourself.” Why do you still wrestle with negative, self defeating thoughts? Negativity and self doubt are the new drugs. Just say no. Each day we’re alive is a blessing. We can choose who we become.

Being educated, open minded, and independent is our responsibility. Too much emotion is invested in “team spirit” and not enough in what’s right.

It’s ok to think separate from the herd. A million people could say the sky is green and the one person who said blue would still be right.

You must find peace

We’re blessed to live in a fast pace world where convention is changing and options are abounding. Live life as slowly as you wish. Drink in what calls to you. Allow yourself to ponder, relax, and only have 3 tasks per day (maximum) on your daily to-do list rather than ten.

Forgive yourself for not getting more done because a child was sick. For being too tired to do laundry. It’s ok. Accept your needs and limitations.

You are free

Cages don’t serve us. Step out and feel the strength in your limbs. It’s ok to stand on your own and be happy. Approval is overrated. Love others without baggage and learn to see vulnerability in a positive light.

Question the images painted into our minds since birth. How love should be. How my hair/clothes should be. Many of us try to keep up with one another. Creatures of influence.

What if we decided to stop? To no longer make decisions based on what everyone else is doing?

What We Need Now – Leaders

We need leaders. Those unafraid to wake up from the slumber we’ve been under.

People in positions of power are failing us. They’re fearful, entitled, and selfish. We need people willing to speak up, stand for something, and put others before themselves.

This can’t happen unless we love ourselves first. Or if we continue caring what famous people are doing every day rather than developing our minds. It’s all a distraction. Personal power is being squandered on reality shows and makeup.

Wake up.

Commit to something and stick with it. Recognize the passion which burns in your heart and set out to achieve without stopping. Learn to push through the tough moments because they will come.

Nothing worth having is easy.

Anyone you look up to has broken down and had moments where they didn’t want to continue. If you’ve felt drained and despaired it means you’re stretching your limits. Keep going.

There’s a whole community of like-minded people online who would love to not feel alone. Let’s start reaching out. This is part of the process.

Funny how we seek everywhere but within ourselves for answers. We have the tools we need. You’ve heard this thousands of times I’m sure.

We’re a weak, lazy people and this needs to stop. Perhaps the answer is simple. Like bathing in the River Jordan, we don’t want to believe the answer is this easy.

Believe in yourself. Start talking back to your negative beliefs. Create a mental world of strength and inspiration. Say, “I am a writer/great parent/great leader” every day and get to work.

Take Action

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Francesca Phillips is a writer who recently moved back to States after living in Switzerland. In her previous life, she worked in the music industry for six years in Los Angeles. As an avid reader and holder of a degree in Psychology, she covers topics related to self-improvement, finding your purpose, and energy alignment. She’s a contributor for her own blog, Thought Catalog, and Medium. When she’s not inspiring creatives to be a light in the world you’ll find her traveling, hanging with her husband, and obsessing over dogs on Instagram.

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