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Welcome to Bloom in the City!

A community of creatives passionate about making a difference in their lives and in the world.

You’ve stumbled upon a community of creatives passionate about self-help and business things. Or about creating-something-that-changes-lives as I like to call it.

You may be a busy professional looking for practical, simple explanations of major concepts like abundance, alignment, or priming.

You may be looking to revolutionize your mornings and set yourself up for a successful day.

Below are some quick links to get you started and guide you in the right direction:

The best tools for alignment and productivity…

Day Designer
Five Minute Journal
Moment App
Hours App

Dip your toe into abundance…

Simple Abundance by Sarah Breathnach
Women, Writing, and Soul-Making by Peggy Tabor Millin

Learn about the ego…

Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday
A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Learn about intention…

The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer

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