See what happens when you do these 7 simple things

See what happens when you do these 7 simple things

Last updated on September 2nd, 2017 at 07:27 pm

Life Keeps Those Lessons Coming

My husband’s work sends us to Switzerland for six months of the year. As a result, I’ve been learning German but have unexpectedly learned more than just a language. It’s forced me to understand what it truly means to let go. To lose sight of the shore so to speak.

As I trudged through an intensive course, I realized the only way to progress was to “forget” or let go of my need to filter everything through English. My mother tongue became a mental crutch so transitioning into German was tough.

Always Learning

Our natural tendency is to hold onto what we’re comfortable with and in turn jeopardize our ability to expand, enjoy, and evolve. Humans don’t like change even though we seek new experiences.

Through learning a new language and living in Europe I’ve loosened the grip on preconceived ideas of how life “should be”.

Creating these mental constructs is a way to feel secure. Safe and predictable. A way to cope with truths hard to handle (death, uncertainty, etc).

It’s scary not knowing what’s coming next.

Letting go allows you to live on your terms, not fear’s. You’d be surprised at how strong you are. How vibrant and curious you can be when you make it a point to have new experiences which challenge you.

Calling out our false beliefs and creating better, more positive ones is a never ending battle. But one worth fighting for each time. Want to work on creating healthy, new beliefs now? Download my affirmation freebie here.

Let go and live a full life doing these things:

1. Try something new.

Put yourself in a new situation and see how much you learn. Yes it sounds uncomfortable but do it anyway. Learn a new language, join a writing group, or post your work online. Show fear it can suck it.

2. Serve

Existing outside of ourselves is the best way to lift the burdens so often placed upon us.  This reminds our soul that worries aren’t what life’s about. Rid yourself the fear of connecting with others. Let go of the need to be self-focused and obsessed.

3. Pray, read, write, anything creative.

There isn’t an unbreakable rule of how you’re supposed to live your life.  It’s a facade put up by society. Once you let go of the idea that you’re supposed to be a certain way you’ll feel lighter and more joyful. Let go of convention and what you’re “supposed” to be or do.

4. Affirmations

Remind yourself daily you’re more than your tasks, worries, fears, distractions. That it’s natural and healthy to outgrow certain ideals and to challenge yourself.

Let go of the idea you have no control over your mind. It’s hard to accept but our emotions can betray us. They’re fickle. Giving them control makes you beholden to their every whim. We’re not meant to be victims. Don’t be afraid to put those emotions in check.

I made an affirmation freebie for you since they’re such an important tool. Download it now and start making your mind your greatest asset.

5. Travel

Traveling or living somewhere else is a huge eye opener.  Learning how other people view the world and live is inspiring and expands your own view. My perspective “circle” went from () to (       ).

There’s always something new to learn and discover.  Let go of your mental and physical geographical boundaries.

6. Accept who you are right now.

If you can’t accept who you are now you won’t be able to grow past your limitations. Part of letting go is accepting where you’re at and then working towards the person you do want to become.

You have to start somewhere.  If your somewhere isn’t where you want it to be it’s ok! You’ll get there. Let go of the need to control or fight your truth.

7. Be open to other ways of doing things

Again, since living abroad, gone is my neatly packaged idea of how the world should work. Letting go of the “my way or no way” cultural mentality broadens the scope of possibility.

We can learn from other places. America isn’t the only country doing things right.

Become fascinated with alternatives and be open. Don’t allow fear to rule you.


Letting go and embracing change is a process. It’s a simple one but certainly not easy.

Be one of the brave ones who choose new experiences even when you feel resistance.

Expanding your limits and what you know is a fulfilling way to live. It’s also a confidence builder when see yourself conquer new situations. Fear does the exact opposite.

Take Action

Try something new this week: the intimidating yoga or art class. Even going to the movies alone or small talk with a stranger.

Be fearless and let go of restricting ideas or beliefs. Create better ones by saying affirmations every morning. I even made a freebie for you to help you create your own.


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Francesca Phillips is a writer who recently moved back to States after living in Switzerland. In her previous life, she worked in the music industry for six years in Los Angeles. As an avid reader and holder of a degree in Psychology, she covers topics related to self-improvement, finding your purpose, and energy alignment. She’s a contributor for her own blog, Thought Catalog, and Medium. When she’s not inspiring creatives to be a light in the world you’ll find her traveling, hanging with her husband, and obsessing over dogs on Instagram.

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