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Hey! I’m Francesca…

A writer, entrepreneur, and unwavering optimist dedicated to helping you become more connected to yourself and those around you.

I’m proud to have created a life-changing article and workbook about creating a morning routine that will make you thrive. It was republished on Thought Catalog, The Writing Cooperative, and continues to resonate with people from all walks of life.

Since I can remember, I’ve gravitated towards psychology and human nature. Even getting a B.A. in Psychology from Cal State Northridge while working full time in the music industry as a young twenty-something.

Mix that with an insatiably curious nature and you’ll find me reading a lot of books and asking questions like . . .

Is it possible to overcome the states of thinking you were raised with? To get to that next level?

Buried under those major life questions was a desire to have my crap together. To be consistent and make real progress in my life.

I hopped from working in the heart of the music industry to marketing, and then to a tech company before living in Switzerland for three years with my husband.

For years, I felt like an outsider to my own life. Trapped outside a glass door knocking on the surface hoping someone would see me and bring me inside.

We’re sold this lie that life has to happen within a certain timeline or order. And for a long time, I resisted the fact that my life wouldn't follow the traditional path like other people.

I felt guilty, shameful, and unworthy.

I wanted to create a life full of possibility for the future yet felt stuck in what I knew from the past.

Now, I’m proud to support those who are in the same boat.

Through my business, blog, and free resources I help people, like you, clear the mental clutter and create a good space within yourself so you can feel connected and a present in your life.

To live from a better state of being.

My goal is to show you how to start each day from a centered space and then focus on creating a well-lived life.

I’m also passionate about psychology, writing, business ideas, making energizing meals, yoga, animals, and more than I can name. Expect to see these tidbits weaved throughout what I post.

What’s the point here?

Aside from being virtual BFFs . . .

Bloom in the City is a place to connect, support, and dive deep into the waters of who you are. With the goal to emerge as the goddess you’re meant to be.

What started as a way to share quotes, books, and experiences, on Instagram, turned into an inspiring, thriving community of like-minded people.

I knew there were amazing women, like you, who believed in creating a better life and would enjoy the same self-discoveries I was making.

I believe you can go from:

scared, small, and sorry to empowered, expansive, and energetic.
second-guessing your every move to embracing yourself even when you do stumble
depending on the advice of your friends and family to knowing how to access your inner voice
faith in outer influences to faith in your divine worth

You can become the woman you dream of no matter what happened in your past or the way you were raised.

Your mindset and habits, not your past, define who you are and where you can go in life.

Change those and you change your life.

Remember . . .

You’re meant to bless others with your gifts and talents. To be so connected to who you are you can’t help but radiate light.

The fun part is I’m still learning too.

Tweaking existing habits and reading voraciously about self-improvement. Some days are crappy, where I sink into the pit of self-doubt and fear.

My commitment to you is to bring you the best of what I know, am learning, and being real about it all. I’m human and just like your best friend who goofs up sometimes needs a “Hey girl, I’ve been there too” and a bit of compassion.

How you choose to show up in the world is more important than anything. It affects every part of your life. And I know how hard you work to have the right mindset and receive daily enlightenment.

The good news is there's really no reason to do it alone. Women who work together become unstoppable.

You’ve met a loyal friend in me so expect timeless wisdom, inspiring ideas, and support in becoming your best self.

How do I start making these awesome changes?

Start with your intention. In how you begin your day and the lens from which you're viewing the world.

The time is now to invest in yourself.

In my morning routine article, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to creating your own. You can also snag a free copy of my workbook which comes with lots of extra goodies the article couldn’t cover.

Everything posted here is with you in mind. Sprinkled with extra love and support. I want you to co-create your best life with God (the Universe) and be able to live with confidence and joy.

Happiness starts within you. Only then can your energy expand to enhance the most important parts of your life.

You serve those you love when you become your best self.

If you’re living your best life, then the rest of us get to bask in the goodness of your light and energy. And be inspired to do the same!

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Thank you for reading this far and I’m excited to get to know you more. The best way to stay connected is to join my growing online community of like-minded creatives by entering your name and email. 

Even though you’ve met me online, I still like to live life offline. So, you’ll only hear from me once a month sometimes more if it’s something I’m super excited about.

Otherwise, you’ll find me in New York City writing, practicing yoga, reading amazing books and thinking of what insanely valuable information to share with you next.

Thanks for your visit and I can’t wait to connect again.

With love,


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